Friday, February 26, 2010


I just saw this on Nina Paley's Blog. This is some inspiring stuff.


I'm liking these a lot especially after the skytop II's. Well, the canvas ones aren't really doing it for me but hey one out of three ain't bad, right?
The Supra Cuttler, a part of the sneaker brand’s non-skate lineup, will be released in a black leather makeup and a grey canvas finish. The black leather pair features complimentary attributes such as red top laceholders, black, waxed shoelaces and a white, vulcanized rubber sole. As for the grey canvas colorup, it possesses monochromatic elements including the sole, shoelaces and Supra branding on the tongue. Available soon at select retailers.
via NiceKicks


Here's a review for the movie Avatar that looks like it uses the same emotion capture technology that was used in the movie. I really wish they knew who made this.


Here's the cover art for a FreEP I did for a friend of mine. It should be dropping soon. He's a really dope artist so check out the teaser after the jump!